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Students Scrutinize University's Relationship with Bon Appetit

by Celeste Diaz

St. Edward's University's relationship with Bon Appetit is now more than a year-old. Many students have issues with the company that provides the main source of dining services on campus. Hilltopper News reporter Celeste Diaz has more.


Campus Ministry Sponsors Christmas Break Service Week

by Melissa Martinez
2969239134_cc68b04c32.jpg http://www.flickr.com/photos/mindtalk/2969239134/
SEU's Campus Ministry has often sponsored a service project for Alternative Spring Break. This year, the ministry is hosting it's first Winter Break service program as students prepare for a week of work in Hurricane-ravaged areas of Houston and Galveston. Hilltopper News reporter Melissa Martinez has more.

Holiday Parade Observes 20th Year Anniversary

by Kelsey Downey
The Chuy's Holiday Parade traditionally takes place the day after Thanksgiving to support Operation Blue Santa. Hilltopper News' Kelsey Downey reports.

African American Students Debate Effects of Obama Election

by Andromeda Brown
Since Election Night, 2004, Hilltopper News' Andromeda Brown has sensed a swagger in the attitude of some African American students on campus. Here she explores those attitudes.

French Club Succeeds Where Euro-Club Failed in Past

by Marloes Lemsom
MarloesSHOT.jpg Watching French Films is one aspect of the SEU French Club.

SEU'S French Club has been a successful new student organization this semester. Past efforts, such as the Euro-club, however, weren't as well-received. As Hilltopper News' Marloes Lemsom reports, the French Club looks to grow.

Christian Athletes Perform for an 'Audience of One'

by Anthony Spagnolo
Picture_2.pngSEU Basketball Player Taylor Land considers himself to be an athlete who is Christian.

Christian Athletes often see their performance as a ministry, where their physical gifts can be used to praise their maker in heaven. Hilltopper News' Anthony Spagnolo explains.

Economy Woes Lead to Rough Thanksgiving for Some

by Lorenzo Magnavacca
More students than usual spent their Thanksgiving Break on campus, rather than traveling home for the holiday. As Hilltopper News' Lorenzo Magnavacca reports, recent economic woes played a role.

Proposal Would Require University to Adopt Energy Saving Bulbs

by Amanda Odgers
180px-Compact-Flourescent-Bulb.jpg Compact Florescent Light, photo from Wikipedia.

Hilltopper News Reporter Amanda Odgers reports on student efforts to have all campus light bulbs switched to energy-efficient, florescent replacements.


Mock 'Beer Pong' Held for Alcohol Awareness

by Caroline Wallace
Drinking games are a stereotype of alcohol games used by college students. Recently, SEU students organized a 'rootbeer' pong game to bring alcohol awareness to campus. Hilltopper News Reporter Caroline Wallace reports.

Comic Artists Look for Gold Away From Major Companies

by Proctor Anderson
Picture_3.png DC Comics created the Superman™ character in 1938.

In the past, writing and drawing for major comic publishers was the ticket to success. Today, more writers and artists are seeking riches in alternative comics. Hilltopper News' Proctor Anderson reports.


Audiences Connect With Comedian Stevie Jay

by Geoff West

Comedian Stevie Jay has a one man show titled, "Life, Love, Sex, Death ... And Other Works in Progress" that has been performed around the country. Jay's intellectual humor appeals to certain audiences. Hilltopper News' Geoff West presents this profile.

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