February 2010 Featurettes

Coca-Cola Donates Popular Ad Spot for Haiti Relief

By Wendy Cawthon
First Lady Michelle Obama appeared in Haiti Relief Ads.
Since a 7.0 magnitude earthquake destroyed the small nation of Haiti, many multi-national corporations have been announcing efforts to help, including the world’s largest soft drink manufacturer.

Coca-Cola dedicated one of their 30-second ad spots last week during American Idol to air First Lady Michelle Obama’s Public Service Announcement asking for donations to support Red Cross efforts in Haiti.

American Idol is currently one of the most watched shows in the country, with an average of 25 million viewers per week, which improves the likelihood that more people will be watching. Coca-Cola has since given up even more ad space, using 25 electronic billboards to promote donations for earthquake relief. This is also in addition to $2 million dollars that the company has donated directly to the Red Cross and other charitable efforts.

These donations came from both the US branch of Coca-Cola and the Latin American operating group. In Haiti, the Coca-Cola bottling plant suffered minimal damage but is operating again, and the company has been shipping water and other relief from the Dominican Republic.

In a company statement on January 14th, the Coca-Cola Company expressed hope that the donation will provide immediate help and long-term support to the devastated nation.

St. Edward’s Baseball Season Opens February 1

By Mackenzie Jenkins

Pitcher Tim Laine
The St. Edward’s baseball team kick off their 2010 season at home against rival team Newman.

Past seasons the team has opened their season with an out of conference team, but this season is different. According to various players, starting the season off against an in-conference rival will challenge the Hiltoppers to prove where they will stand in this year’s conference.

Senior Jeremy Houser is a fourth year returning starter for the Hiltoppers. Houser says that he has a very good feeling about the upcoming series, as well as the rest of the season.

“Our team is very excited to start with Newman knowing they gave us a good challenge last season, we are all really looking forward to it,” says Houser.

According to Houser, Newman is a team that is known for their hard hitting, so pitching is important in order to take the win.
“It’s always hard to tell how pitching is going to hold up throughout the year with injuries, but so far we look very solid as a whole when we compete against one another,” says Houser.

The starting pitcher for the season opener is new recruit Tim Laine. Laine is a Junior from Temple College who came to St. Edward’s last semester.

“I feel like we have a good shot to be successful this weekend and this year, we have worked hard all fall, and put together a great early spring,” says Laine.

According to players on the team, Laine is expected to be a great addition to the St. Edward’s pitching staff this season. “It feels great coming into the year being able to help my team in a major way,” says Laine.

A number of new recruits and freshman joined the Hiltopper roster for the 2010 season.

“We have a very young team this year but we have a lot of potential to gel well together, we have a lot of depth in our team it is going to be one of the most exciting years since I’ve played for St. Edward’s,” says Houser.

“We’re looking very strong on the defensive side of the ball. Better than past teams,” says Houser. “Every player is trying really hard to follow Pender’s system of doing the little things that will get us closer to a championship this year,” he says.

The Hiltoppers kick off the season in a series against their first Heartland Conference rival at the Lucian-Hamilton Field February 1.

Apple Releases Highly Anticipated 'iPad'

By Ashley Hughes
AshleyPHOTO.pngApple introduced their latest product the IPad, leaving tech lovers anticipating its upcoming release.

Steve Jobs, the Chief Executive at Apple released a video introducing and informing the public about the new IPad. Models of the IPad resemble large IPhones and are only half an inch thick. Phil Schiller the Vice President of Worlwide Product Marketing says, “this will change the way we do things every day.”

Apple has rebuilt applications made for IPhones and IPods and improved them for the IPad, according to executive designers of the product. They even created new application such as IBook, which is a full electronic library, and a new Calendar Application.

The new IPad allows users to play any video game, any movie, read any book, and listen to all music. As Scott Forstall the Vice President of IPhone Software says, “the internet is entirely in your hands.” This statement reads true, according to Mr. Forstall, because the only way to navigate through all of the software an IPad offers is through you fingers.

John Ive the Chief President of Design says the new IPad is “magical”. The IPad is said to hit stores in only 60 days and the starting price for an IPad will cost $499 dollars.

First Annual 'Music Swap' Held January 23

By Alex BrunoALEXPhoto.jpg

On Saturday January 23rd, The Monarch Event Center hosted and sponsored its first annual “Music Swap.”

The Music Swap gave music fans the chance to come together and exchange or sell music related items. CDs, vinyls, band shirts, posters, and actual instruments were just a few of the popular items being passed around. Many musicians, collectors, and people attended the event looking to find or sell their music memorabilia.

Also present, was the Austin Music Foundation (AMF). The AMF is a non-profit group dedicated to fueling and educating the public about the Austin music scene. The AMF provided attendees with information on how to become more active and successful in the music community. A live DJ provided musical entertainment. The event was complete with a guitar raffle for a lucky visitor to win.

Free to the public, and all ages, the event was a good opportunity for any music fan to come out and have a good time. For more information visit Monarch Event Center websitehttp://www.monarcheventcenter.com.

'Fresh Bananas' Offers Fresh Perspective on Movies

By Matt Kerwin
MATTphoto.jpgMovie review Web sites have become more common now that’s its becoming harder to choose where to gather reliable reviews on the latest box office releases.

St. Edward’s student Ryan Schmidt is creator of the movie blog “Fresh Bananas.” When asked about the history behind the blog, Schmidt said “ I love to watch movies with friends and enjoy critiquing them. I’ve always wanted to chronicle my thoughts and put them into public form.”

Schmidt says he always had a way with words. Since he was in high school, he has been writing short stories and poetry. Last year, however, he finally took those passions into the film arena.

The inspiration behind “ Fresh Banana,” Schmidt chuckled, was “Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a take off of Rotten Tomatoes.”

Schmidt said he tries to take suggestions from the growing fan base the site has accumulated over the last few months, and that the fans take precedence to other films that the general public hasn’t seen.

Students Visit Cabo for Educational Experience

By Ginger GrossmanGINGERphoto.jpg

A group of students traveling to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is a familiar concept on a college campus. Many assume that the students are skipping town in search of parties, bikinis, and beaches. But sometimes the students are traveling with a purpose, searching for more than wild nights. They want to understand the needs of the area and embrace globalization.

A program has been designed for these students. This year, 10 students entered the Cabo Lead program, gaining the opportunity to learn more about Cabo than the local bars.

Cabo Lead involves eight sessions running from October to January. In these sessions, students discuss topics ranging from government in Mexico to the environment of the Baja Peninsula. At the end of the program, students take a five day study tour to the Baja Peninsula Cabo San Lucas.

The Cabo Leaders perform service projects, meet with political and business leaders, and also have a little fun as tourists. The goal is that students gain a wider world view and a close group of friends from the experience.

Gay and Lesbian Night Added To Popular Downtown Bar

By Kasey Harlos
KaseyPHOTO.jpgThe Madison on 5th Street is among the many straight clubs downtown, but with the opening of Gay and Lesbian Night every Thursday, it is looking to differentiate itself from the rest.

“Being that their are very few gay and lesbian clubs downtown, with the opening of Gay and Lesbian Night we hope to captivate Austin’s Gay community every Thursday,” says the owner of the Madison, Jeff Hines. "This will be the beginning of something innovative for Austin’s night life since we are the first straight club among the classy urban elite to attract our Gay community in such a way.”

The Madison opened about a year and a half ago and has become a well known club downtown to our straight community. Hines believes that with the start of Gay and Lesbian Night it will be able to attract the Gay Community towards its popularity as well.

“It has competed with straight clubs such as Beso Cantina and the many clubs on sixth and made a reputation for itself, and now it’s on its way to making a name for itself in the Gay club industry as well,” says Kyle Lee, a staff member of The Madison.

Hines and his staff are excited and interested to see the response of the new faces that will be joining them every Thursday night.


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